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Turkish real estate and property

Turkish real estate and property for foreigners Can foreigners buy real estate in Turkey? What are its limits?

Can foreigners buy a house or a workplace in Turkey?

Foreigners can purchase real estate in Turkey, it is possible. They can purchase workplace or residence in Turkey, provided that they comply with legal restrictions. However, even in different cities, the total area of immovables that a foreign person can purchase in Turkey cannot exceed 300,000 square meters. Council of Ministers can double this limitation

Not only built immovables, but also land-like immovables can be purchased. For this reason, a project should be prepared for the immovables and annotation should be given to the title deed. If the construction activity is not started within 2 years, it is registered in the name of the treasury, provided that the costs are paid back.

Permission is required from the Chief of General Staff and the relevant force commands where the immovable is located, for military prohibition, security and trading in strategic areas.

Ten percent of a state’s real estate can be sold. Legal entities entirely composed of foreign capital cannot purchase real estate, except for petroleum, tourism and industrial zones laws.

Companies established in Turkey, fifty percent or more of which are owned by foreigners, must obtain approval from the provincial planning and coordination directorate in order to acquire real estate.

International Situations

Turkey does not sell real estate to the states of North Korea, Syria, Southern Cyprus and Cuba

Turkey does not allow the sale of real estate on the Black Sea sea line to citizens of Ukraine and Russia.

Citizens of Iran, China and India can acquire real estate by obtaining approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Iraqi citizens by obtaining approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Chinese and Israeli citizens can buy one or at most 2 residences in Turkey, but cannot buy a workplace.

Required documents for foreigners

In the applications of foreign national real persons to the relevant land registry directorates for the acquisition of real estate:

-Identity documents or passports,

– Residence permits issued by the relevant police directorates for foreigners whose real estate acquisitions are subject to a residence permit,

– In case of taking the power of attorney based on the power of attorney issued from abroad, the original of the power of attorney together with its translations.

  or have a certified copy with them.

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Turkish real estate and property